Tessa Dixson

Tessa Dixson is a young up-and-coming Belgian singer and songwriter who describes her moody bass-driven electro music as “dark and real.” Mirroring her deepest emotions and personal experience, her catchy and soulful debut single “Prayer” speaks of the challenges of life and of the ups-and-downs in love, immediately catching the attention of music connoisseurs.
The ambitious 20-year-old songstress is fearless in her quest to succeed in her music career. Despite not winning “Belgium’s Got Talent”, she worked hard to make it to the live performances in “The Voice” when she was just 16 years old.
Her dream? Continue writing music, making enough money to buy a vintage Porsche for her dad and having enough notoriety to be able to help save the world in some way. In between, she dreams of long-lasting love being quite the traditionalist when it comes to heart matters.

– If you were an artist who would it be ? Marina Abromovic
– If you were a Museum which one would it be ? Eccentric side Moma in New York and Emotional side The Music Museum in Brussels
– If you were a movie what would it be ? The Grinch cuz I’m weird and I love christmas
–  If you were a movie director who would it be ? Larry Clark
– If you were a song what would it be ? Banks, crowded places
– If you were a meal what would you be ? Spaghetti bolognese because everyone likes it.
–  If you were a drink what would it be ? Sparkling water
– If you were a smell what would it be ? Crisp air in the winter