Tash is our tomboy girl. She loves anything from skateboarding to skiing to surfing. She is fearless of speed and cracks us all up with her great sense of humor. Sensitive as she is, we love her chill vibe. She is a true pioneer and forges her own way in life. Tash studies film and media at Regents University in London. She is a great sounding board for design, digital content and beyond. She dreams of being happy, living a simple life surrounded by positive people.

– If you were a landscape which one would it be? The view over a city while the sun sets
– If you were a movie what would it be? Fight Club
– if you were a movie director who would it be? Spike Jonze
– If you were a song what would it be? Sleep Sound by Jamie xx
– if you were a meal what would you be? Red pesto pasta with zucchini and cherry tomatoes
– if you were a drink what would it be? Caipirinha
– if you were a magazine what would it be? Vice
– If you were a smell what would it be? Rosemary