Tara is our freedom of expression leader. She has much knowledge about the fashion industry and definitely expresses her own point of view through her choices of clothing and stick-on accessories for her forehead. We love this! Fearless to wear anything that she is happy to wear. Tara studies at the Sorbonne in Paris and also is a huge asset to the AF brand as our project manager. She dreams of endless sunsets, cold water and happiness.

– If you were an artist who would it be? Zao Wou Ki for his homage to others and his link to literature
– If you were a Museum which one would it be? Chichu Museum in Naoshima, Japan
– If you were a landscape which one would it be? Black sand beaches in Iceland
– If you were a movie what would it be? Un elephant ça trompe énormément
– if you were a movie director who would it be? Nicolas Winding Fern
– If you were a song what would it be? Says, Nils Frahm
– if you were a meal what would you be? Creamy pasta with mushrooms grilled in sweet soy sauce
– If you were a smell what would it be? Fresh laundry