Mikal (a.k.a. Mo or Mojoyogo)

Meet our Triber Matriarch, Mikal –the perfect Freedom Triber to portray the ageless characteristic of our brand. She is determined to show all Freedom Tribers what fun life can be and how much you can accomplish no matter your age. A true renaissance woman, Mikal loves to paint and is currently being kept busy painting the canine members of the Tribe. But, her interests are not confined to art alone. She is also passionate about history, science, fashion, books and travel. In addition, she has a keen interest in the paranormal. No wonder, Mikal was born on Halloween. Mikal is our Fearless Freedom Triber leader, the one we all aspire to emulate!
Mo has been battling with stomach cancer since January and, true to form, has shown the rest of the tribe how it’s done! She is facing up to the ups and downs of her treatment with great style and panache! One great weapon in her artillery is her unwavering sense of humor! She often makes us all laugh with her dead-pan one liners about the funny side of her cancer. Her choice of wigs illustrates her sense of style and freedom of expression at the core of the Alexa Fairchild brand. Indeed, her pink wig is one of our favorites!

Photo Credits: Nikolaus Van Der Pas

Artist: Edward Hopper
Museum: Hillwood Museum (Washington D.C.), Art Brut (Lausanne Switzerland)
Sport: Equitation (elegant) but Ping Pong is fun too!
Song: Bridge over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel), Raspberry Beret (Prince), Hurt (Johnny Cash) and so, so many more!
Meal: Sweet Potato, Kale Gratin or Sweet Potato Soufflé (a Thanksgiving must!)
Book: Catherine the Great by Henri Troyat
Smell: Quelques Fleurs Perfume (Houbigant, 1912)