Lisa is our our most outgoing triber to date. She loves being the star of the show and impresses us with her outgoing character. She is studying fashion marketing in London. Lisa loves fashion and socializing. She dreams of being healthy and confident both physically and emotionally. She is open to new things and experiences and is always positive.

– If you were an artist who would it be? Bill Cunningham
– If you were a landscape which one would it be? Mist on the fields
– If you were a sport what would it be? Field Hockey
– If you were a movie what would it be? Fast and Furious
– If you were a song what would it be? Elton John, I’m Still Standing
– if you were a drink what would it be? Bloody Mary
– if you were a magazine what would it be? Vogue
– If you were a smell what would it be? Dior Homme sport