Sustainability is a heartfelt value at Alexa Fairchild. Committing to ethical fashion, the knitwear is made using Cardato Cashmere, a recycled Italian cashmere produced in the Prato district with at least 65 percent of recycled materials. Environmental impact is minimized throughout the entire production cycle by carefully monitoring the consumption of water and energy. The garments are produced using discarded clothing or knits, a further testament of the manufacturer’s concern for the environment, know-how and professionalism.
Similarly, the packaging is made from Tyvek, a strong, flexible and recyclable material that provides a durable and functional protective barrier when shipping the products that can also be reused as a shopping tote.
The packaging is handled by Dienpi, a cutting-edge company known for its eco-friendly raw materials that include certified organic fabrics, water ink, and recycled and natural papers among others. Dienpi is part of the Detox Commitment by Green Peace as it has eliminated eight groups of polluting and dangerous chemicals from their production process.
Indeed, the entire value-chain has been rendered sustainable by opting to house all the logistics, quality control and shipping in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, close to the suppliers. Thus, an extra step of shipping the goods to Belgium, where the company is located, has been eliminated and streamlined.


Our collection is handcrafted in Italy by artisans, whose passion for exceptional quality and value, has been blended with technological innovation.


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